March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Although we have awakened to original nature, beginningless habit energies are extremely difficult to remove suddenly. Hindrances are formidable and habits are deeply ingrained. So how could you neglect gradual cultivation simply because of one moment of awakening? After awakening you must be constantly on your guard. If deluded thoughts suddenly appear, do not follow after them. Then and only then will your practice reach completion.

Zen Master Chinul, “Facing the Heat”



Few people of attainments take easily to a plan of self-improvement. Some discover very early their perfection cannot endure the insult. Others find their intellectual pleasure lies in the theory, not the practice. Only a few stubbrn ones will blunder into the desert of mortification and reward.

Patrick White, Voss.


I was hit by a craving. I let it succeed, thinking that ‘disaster management’ was enough. But the craving did not satisfy anything. And when it was over, I was not sure what I was hankering after.



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