Fluttering thoughts

April 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

The best wisdom I’ve heard in a while came from an Amish teenager.

(Given that I am currently getting a lot of help from this book, and a man who looks like he has trouble dressing himself, I’m heavily reconsidering which sources I’m listening to)

Anyway. Back to the wisdom.

You can’t control a bird landing on your head. You can control whether it builds a nest there or not.

It’s gradually coming together. What I need to do. I’m still scared of making The List of what I’m going to stick to and what I’m not but I am, at least, writing. And that was the first goal.

When those thoughts come into my head, I’m starting to recognise that they’ve come uninvited. In fact, I’m starting to tell the difference between when they’ve snuck in because I left the door ajar or when they batter the door down with fear.

But I promise that I’m not letting them nest.

Next, a list. I promise that, too.


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