June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s quite amazing how much can change in a few days. Which is lucky, because a day – to- day approach suits quite well at the moment. Life is hectic, everything around is changing and I’m very welcoming to that after such a long period of feeling stuck.

However, when everything is so up in the air that can only mean more choices. At the weekend, I was away celebrating a wedding. It was a gorgeous, happy occasion and there was an inevitably luxurious wedding breakfast. Three delicious courses thanks to the bride’s vegetarianism. As also seems inevitable in these situations, I found myself sat next to a nice young chap who wanted to know why I am a vegetarian. Somehow, the first thing I seem to think in these situations is that I should assure people I’m not a militant animal rights campaigner. That I am a reasonably person, if a little bit of a fussy eater. That I just don’t like thinking about putting dead things in my mouth. All of which is true. But all that also comes from a place of awareness that I am increasingly uncomfortable with suppressing. I’m working on that.

Anyway, after a rather indulgent night at the wedding, I was tired as hell, hungover as hell and craving the carbs. The breakfast provided for us at our hotel The Morning After looked like this:

Croissants, fruit juice, cereals, instant coffee and real milk and some really bad fruit. Basically, my idea of hell.

I can get my head around an indulgent wedding breakfast as a celebration and occasion, but this is not how I want to start the day. It’s the kind of non-control I really can’t stand. I hadn’t quite realised how much breakfast is make or break.

Lessons? I should have taken something with me to prepare myself. Some indulgences are worth it, some are not. Dairy is really not my friend.

I’m thinking things through, trying to make considered decisions.


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