On being seen.

July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ideas seem to be bubbling up out of nowhere these days. Words, pictures, trips, places, people, even clothes. It’s pretty exciting, because it all feels real. And yes, I’ve been here before, but I have hope and a healthy dose of realism to back that up.

Actually, that was a bit of a lie. The inspiration isn’t coming from nowhere. It’s coming from some in-cred-ib-le writers, who I’ve been following with a lot of excitement. In case you’re interested:

Jessica Brockman, you have sass like not other.

Ella, making the gym look oh-so-appealing in instagram technicolour.

Meg Fee, I want to read your first novel please.

Gena, proving there is an alternative, to the plate you feel you have to eat.

Livelikecrazie, with beautiful, beautiful honesty.

Medicinal Marzipan, who has lots more homeworking goodness for me to do.

And so many more. These women inspire being seen, wholly, imperfectly, beautifully. Which is really a phenomenal thing. Most writers would love that moment of resonance to come from someone reading their own writing. I’m no different.

But part of that process is working out how you can afford to be seen. How can I talk about this online, but not in person? What do I even say to people to explain? That, if nothing else, is what I’m trying to work out.

After that, who knows what’s possible.



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