The changing faces of being seen

July 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

All that is seen is not seen.

All that I have shown here can be misinterpreted, read differently, seen as hopeless, rather than a change and a chance. Some people who have seen what I have written here, have mis-seen. Some have wished to not see. Some have seen weakness and flaw rather than strength mustered to try to show and explain and move forward from. Believing a flaw to be an opportunity, some people have  seen a chance to cause further hurt.

In trying to be honest, I have been hurt. In being hurt, I have relapsed.

Yet being seen, truly, flaws and all, is still incredibly important.

It is still important to be seen clearly, even when the problem is hazy because the hiding does not help. (You are only as sick as your secrets.)

It is important for me to be seen because I am sick of being seen unclearly. Because if you see weakness here, you see wrong. Because I know that the worst pain I can feel is my own personal brand of torture. Not yours. And because I’m not prepared to accommodate either of those things any more.


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