September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I start to ready myself to move house, perhaps even city, again, I start to wonder what you (An outsider, that is; Perhaps even you) could learn from the little piles of debris that I have accumulated. There are things that I can try to erase by tearing into tiny white ribbons and things that don’t seem to matter enough to hide.

The most telling are the notes that I write to myself, varying from:


– Bananas

– Tangerines





‘Now it came to it, I was seized with a great fear… that these wings were in themselves a kind of physical deceit; intended for the show and not use, like the beauty of some women.’ – Angela Carter, Nights at The Circus.


Two adjacent pages in the same reporters notebook. I guess that’s representative of what you will find here. Whatever makes sense at the time. I can’t apologise for that, but anyone who bears with it is very welcome here.

In any case, a large record of the last year of my life went in the bin this evening. It’s kind of liberating.


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